Your favourite videos in Higher Definition

aTube Catcher downloads everything in HD. This way, you'll enjoy the content without reducing the least quality.

Extract audio from any video

aTube Catcher lets users grab the audio from a video, so you can have all your favourite songs in MP3 format.

Create download lists

With the download manager that incorporates aTube Catcher you can create lists of transfers. Let the program run while you do something else!


ATube Catcher Features

aTube Catcher is here to provide a practical and viable solution to capture videos

aTube Catcher has a built-in media converter allowing you to modify the extension of the files to the format you want, be it MP4, WMV, VCD, or 3GP, among many others. In addition, you can define the quality and resolution of every download.

Added to that, aTube Catcher has the tools to capture any video in real time and then burn content to CD / DVD. Thus, it is possible to visualize from any player.